Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Just Wanted To Post One Picture.

Bumblebee? I love it. Especially the scene on Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, the part where Shia LeBeauf explained to Bee that he can't follow to college and Bee started to cry. That part was so cute.

And Shia Lebeaufs' mother is so damn annoying. Especially when she's on weed.

Anyway, it's been a very long, long while since i blogged. The last was about my charity thing. The turn out was quite good as we managed to collect more than what we wanted. In fact, goods collected exceeded our expectations. People do have empathy. ((=

So, many things had happened. I can't say it's mainly crap because i have thoroughly enjoyed the past few months even though i made a choice to stop schooling when i'm almost graduating. In fact, i stopped school to work as an engineering assistant in a cleanroom environment and i'm completing my studies again next year.

But then again, i am completely bored with life. I feel a deep sense of loss as in something in life is missing. I keep searching and searching for it but i have no idea what it is that i'm looking for.

On another, much lighter note, can't wait for the 30th of the month because my halloween is gonna be spent with the bestfriends! ((=

And oh yeah, i got myself another 3 piercings and it's been 2 months and it has not healed yet. )=

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Charity Goes A Long Way.

Alright people, i know i have been missing since forever but i was actually pretty busy. Busy thinking about what my direction in life is gonna be and busy testing out new directions. Not an easy task but, i have already begun!

Anyway, my friend and i are doing a little something for the community. The last time we did that it was a "Give A Book Campaign" where we aimed to collect 200 books and donating it to Pertapis but in the end, we collected 800 books!! Amazing isn't it?

So now, we're having our second initiative, which is the "Give A Thought Campaign." And, the purpose of the campaign is to,

1. Assist Star Shelter in raising items that they need urgently
2. Help rebuild the lives of women and children in need
3. Foster a volunteering spirit in you
4. To help give back to the community without eating too much into your time and money!

And before i forget, Star Shelter is the subsidisary under Singapore Council of Women Organisation and the shelter house has housed more than 1000 women and children who are victims of family violence since 1999.

The Give A Thought Campaign is basically a collection drive of the items needed by Star Shelter. Star Shelter relies heavily on the support of donors and volunteers and well wishers that is why they need our help!

The items they urgently need is:

1. Instant Noodles ( Bundle packs of 5)
2. Diapers for infants ( DRYPERS in Sizes S and M)
3. Baby Milk for infants ( NAN Brand)
4. 3-in-1 beverages
5. Biscuits
6. Canned Food
7. Cooking Oil

Interested to donate? Just leave your :
1. Name
2. Email and Mobile Number
3. Where you stay ( so that we can collect it from you)
4. What and how much you are donating ( So that we can keep track of the items)

And then leave me an email ( )or tag at my Tagboard and i will get back to you asap!

Also to date, we have contributions from SBM ( 1 x 10kg of rice, 2 x instant noodles, 1 x diapers) and PCF - MPS ( 2 x 10 kg of rice)

And don't worry if you are only able to donate a single item, its the thought that counts and every item that you have contributed will be very much appreciated!

We're collecting till the 29th of March 2010 so quickly join in the fun.

We look forward to your contributions and have a great month ahead!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Seem To Hate You So.

February 24.

This date always reminds me of something but i don't know what. Someone's birthday? Maybe, but whose? I can't seem to remember. The information is like at the back of my mind and it keep eluding everytime i wanna reach out and tap on it.

Grrr. . . . this is so frustrating. And i think i hate this date. For some unknown and unclear reason.

Pretending At It's Best.

I am so dead. I wanted to upload pictures from my camera to the laptop when i accidentally deleted them all. Even the very important Chingay and Table Top Exercise photos which has to be submitted to my grassroots leaders.

And i wanted to show those who miss Chingay @ North what it's all about! Gah! I don't have any chance now since i lost all the pictures. I thought some were nice and since i was so up close and personal with the floats.

Anyway, i'll be off to Langkawi for a much needed break from everything here. I am so sick of being in this country. Just for a moment. But i seriously am. Can't wait to get out to the beaches and sun.

Now, all i gotta do is clear my final exam this Friday, find a backpack for light travelling and then i'm done!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thought you'd always be mine.

2010 is all about changes. I realised that if you want to pursue a goal, you have to let go of the past and not allow it to hold you back.

A lot of things are going to happen this year and i learn that i have to give up something that is unconsciously holding me back. I'm glad that i've let go because if it's always for the better, than i'm all for it.

But of course, i still feel a little heartache. Just a little, not too much and definitely not as bad as last year.

I had alot of thoughts just last night, about what to update on the blog since i have been neglecting it since forever but it seems to have just disappeared overnight.

Anyhoos, we were supposed to be at our secondary schools' teachers' in about 30minutes but seems like everybody is not going and oh wells, so are us three. But that's okay tho' because we'll be having our own gathering at Sentosa on the 7th March. Hope i'll be back from Langkawi cause it's been awhile since i head over to that little island. (=

Gah, and exams have started and the school has given me one last chance to make things right since i have messed up my academic year pretty badly. Well, very, very badly.

Exams are certainly stressing me out. I'm like studying from 9am every morning to 9m at night. Gee, i've been studying for 12 hours straight every single damn day. Hope that the results shows that i'm being such a hardworking student. Not that anyone will believe me since i've been such a bad kid in school.

Alright, things has been pretty much a mess since the year had started but, the good times are definitely aplenty. And i'm pretty much finding myself through all this mess. Glad that things are finally at a stop. And i'll be back when i have thoughts to pen. (=

The Author

I am sugar and spice,
not vodka and ice.

"As im sitting infront of my laptop,
plotting my revenge,
cursing at my fate
and crying my hearts out,
i realised that i should just let it be
because sooner or later,
i'm gonna get over him
and find someone new and that,
will be the best revenge ever."

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